Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Commander Scott Altman stands by Bust at PCC July 25, 2010
(Photos by Ed Emmons)

 Commander Scott Altman will return to Pekin on Sunday March 13, at 1pm  for the unveiling of the Bronze Bust sculptured by Delavan native Morgan Elser. The bust took Morgan 7 months to complete. The unbronzed bust was first shown at PCC July 25, 2010, when people had a chance to put their thumb prints on the bust.

The Tazewell County Museum commissioned Sculptor Morgan Elser to sculpt an out doors patina over bronze Bust of Commander Scott Altman with a cost of $7500 to $8500.00.

President of the Tazewell County Museum Christal Dagit said that the bust is now back from the foundry and is now complete in bronze. The unveiling will take place at the Tazewell County Museum and Education Center at 1pm, on March 13, 2010. Everyone is invited to attend and their is no admission. At least for now the Bronze Bust will be displayed at the Museum.

Commander Altman has had many honors bestowed upon him by the Tazewell County Museum, District 108, and the City of Pekin. Below I will post some of those honors and photos.

Commander Scott Altman puts a plaque on the room, named in his honor, Astronaut Scott Altman Room on October 23, 2009 at the Tazewell County Museum

Commander Altman looks around the Astronaut Scott Altman Room

Commander Altman arrives at the PCC on October 23, 2009  for an unveiling of a small  Bust by Morgan Elser. A bigger bust will be made by Morgan and will be bronzed to be unveiled when it is finished

Tazewell County Museum President Christal Dagit accepts a gift from Commander Altman

Commander Altman looks at a  Sculpture of a bust that will be made by Sculpturist Morgan Elsa (Left)

On September 10, 2010, Commander Scott Altman made a trip to the Tazewell County Museum to congratulate the winners of the Tazewell County Museum Space Quilting Design Winners.

Commander Altman poses with one of the winners of the space quilting contest winners Ginsey Campbell

Also on September 11, 2010 Commander Altman opened the new NASA room at the Museum . Here he stands by the nose cone from the STS-125 Shuttle Mission. The room houses both the Scott Altman Room and the NASA Room

Commander Altman rides in the 2010 NTS Marigold Parade, along with his wife Jill, and parents Fred and Sharon Altman of Pekin

Commander Altman, along with his wife and parents attends the Pekin 9/11 Ceremony, held after the Parade

On 9/11/2010, Commander Altman attend the dedication ceremony of the Scott Altman Elementary School named in his honor. The school was named the Sunset Hills Primary school, but was rededicated in Altman's honor.


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