Sunday, March 13, 2011


                                                                 Photos by Ed Emmons 
Commander (Astronaut) Scott Altman stands next to a Bronze Bust of him today at the Tazewell County Museum. The Museum hosted an unveiling of the Bust, Sculpted by Morgan Elsa of Delavan for the Museum

Today was the culmination of 8 months of work for Delavan Sculptor Morgan Elsa. At 1pm this afternoon, Museum President Christal Dagit introduced  Tazewell County Chairman David Zimmerman and Sculptor Morgan Elsa, with both of them unveiling the bronze bust of Commander Altman.  The Tazewell County Museum and Education Center commissioned the Bust to be done by Morgan Elsa. Cost of the Bust was to run between $7500-$8500.

The un-bronzed  Bust was first shown at Pekin Country Club on July 25, 2010.It was then taken to a foundry to be bronzed. The foyer in front of the Museum was full of guest today. The Bust will be displayed inside the Museum until a permanent home can be found for it. It was a  festive affair at the Museum  with food and drink provided for the guest. Mickey Tresenriter a student at ICC majoring in culinary foods prepared the food. Fruit Kabobs with yogurt honey limezess sauce, apple ham with smokey cheddar roll ups, and tomato mozzarella and basil brushetta, along with punch and coffee.

 Sculptor Morgan Elsa and Tazewell County Board Chairman David Zimmerman unveil the Bronze Bust of Commander (Astronaut Scott Altman) at today's event

Food was provided by the Museum for today's unveiling event. Mickey Tresenriter majoring in culinary foods at ICC prepared the food

                       Scott Altman stands by bronze bust which was sculpted by Morgan Elsa(right)

                  Sculptor Morgan Elsa poses with the bronze bust of Scott Altman she created

                                               Commander Altman poses with a young fan

                      Commander Altman talks with a reporter at today's unveiling of the bronze bust

                     Guest gather around the Commander Altman Bronze Bust to look and take photos

                    Guest gather round the Bronze Bust of Commander Altman sculpted by Morgan Elsa

                        Sculptor Morgan Elsa (left) talks with a guest at today's unveiling ceremony

         Commander (Astronaut) Scott Altman looks at the bronze bust sculpt by Morgan Elsa of Delavan

   Commander Altman signs some copies of "Top Gun", which he flew the jet for Actor Tom Cruise in the  movie

                   Commander Altman poses with his parents, Fred and Sharon Altman of Pekin

           Commander Altman poses with Museum volunteers, Barb Tidaback, Marcila Frevert, Karen  Parmele, Museum President Christal Dagit, and Linda Henderson

                                                                   Left side of Bust

Backside of bust, featuring Scott's plane with his call sign "Scooter", a cross, and signed by Morgan Elsa

                                              Right side of bust, featuring STS Mission Patch

In other Museum news, E Script cards are now available at Schnucks Food Stores or at the Museum. After you activate your card and start making purchases at Schnucks, the Museum will receive 3% of your purchase excluding cards, liquor, etc, but all grocery items are what we will get the donation from.These funds will go toward the museum funds for education. If you have any questions please call Christal Dagit at 346-1889.

Morgan E. Art studio is offering 8" Cast Bronze replicas of the Scott Altman Bust, available today for PRE-ORDER only. Price is $700 each. 50% deposit is required with order. Makes checks payable to: Morgan E. Art Studio. Please phone 309-202-8665. Or contact Morgan through her email: (must have at least six pre-ordered).

Sculptor Morgan Elsa explaining how she decided what should be added to the Bust


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