Tuesday, May 3, 2011


    A Delavan grade school 1st grade student looks at a small piece of the Space Shuttle engine encased in glass

Story and Photos by Ed Emmons( Museum Website Tech)

Tazewell County Museum and Education Center staff volunteers took to the road today, to talk to First grade students from Delavan Grade School in Delavan. Delavan American Legion Post 382 hosted the first part of the morning.

       Delavan Grade School first grade students sit and listen to Museum volunteer Lara Campbell. Each student was ask if they could go into space, what they would take with them?

In a pilot program being done by the Museum, staff volunteers gave the students a lesson about the solar system, demonstration on what happens when objects strike the planets, and a look at a 12 foot O-ring off the space shuttle rockets. Students started off the morning listening to Barb Tidaback reading a space book called,"Louis And The Night Sky".

                    Students listen as Barb Tidaback reads them a book called,"Louis And The Night Sky"

The 17 students walked over to the American Legion from Delavan grade school with their substitute teacher  Mrs. Beard, and a few parents who volunteered and other personnel to go along on the field trip. Their regular teacher is Mrs. Jeckel. Also volunteering their time to help out were Museum volunteer's, Museum President Christal Dagit, Barbara Tidaback, and Lara Campbell. The Delavan Times newspaper owners Sandra and Charles Denman, teacher aide Elaine Argadine, student teacher Melissa Whalen, and Glenn Holmes from the Delavan Historical Society.

Next the students got a lesson on how the solar system works, with Barb Tidaback and Lara Campbell demonstrating.

           Students get a lesson on how the earth rotates around the sun on its axis, using a orange ball representing the sun and a smaller white ball representing the earth, with a stick through it representing
the Earths axis

Next the students got a chance to cut out a paper space shuttle, color it, glue it on a black paper along with the sun and stars. Afterwards students got a lesson on the solar system from Lara Campbell.

                                     Students cut out a paper Space Shuttle to start their art project

       Delavan first grade students work on their art project Tuesday morning inside the American Legion

                                         A student works on her paper Space Shuttle art project

         Glenn Holmes from the Delavan Historical Society helps a student glue the ribbon on the Shuttle

                                 Students listen to Lara Campbell explain about the Solar System

The students next split into groups for demonstration purposes of how objects impact planets by smashing into them

A student drops a ball into the sand to see what kind of impact it would have, how wide, or depth. This shows the students how objects hitting the planets would affect them

A student drops a tennis ball into a plastic box filled with sand to represent what would happen to a planet if an object struck them

                                                              A finished Space Shuttle drawing

                                         Another Space Shuttle drawing by one of the students

Students then walked across the street to the Illinois Army National Guard building for a demonstration of the O-Ring.

          Students spread out the 12 foot O-ring that goes on the rocket of the Space Shuttle at the Illinois Army National Guard building

                                 The Army National Guard emblem in the gymnasium floor

     The Sun shines brightly over the American Legion US Flag and the Delavan water tower Tuesday morning


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Excellent job by volunteers at the Museum, and for having a website that can keep readers up to date on events being offered.

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