Thursday, August 25, 2011


                                                                       (Photo by Ed Emmons)
Dan Bruns owner of Spirit of the Past Antiques presents a check for $105.00 to Tazewell County Museum President Christal Dagit Thursday afternoon in downtown Pekin.

Dan and Debi Bruns have owned Spirit of the Past Antiques since July 1, 2011, at 215 N. 5th St. in Pekin. Once a month the Antique shop holds a silent auction with items from their inventory to benefit the Museum's building fund. The items are from the inventory of the Antique shop and not from the Museum. They are residents of Pekin, IL. and long time enthusiast of antiques and vintage items.

This month they are featuring items such as Milk Glass "Grape and Panel", Pitcher and 6 glasses, collection of books, Russian Samovar serving dish, Decanters, Grinder, 2 Dairy bottles, LE Smith Moon and Stars candy dish, and Fenton Glass Shoe. The current auction ends 5pm, the first Sunday in September.

All items are come from "Spirit of the Past Antiques" or are donated by their vendors. All proceeds are donated to the Tazewell County Museum and Education Center (Building Fund).

Dan told me that he and wife of 5 years Debi have always loved history. He said that he spends 50 hours a week at the shop and another 30 hours a week looking for items. They do not buy items that are brought into the shop. He estimates that the shop contains over 5,000 items.

Other items that have been auctioned off in the past for the Museum (Building Fund) are a 78 rpm Elvis Presley Copy of Hound Dog that went for $31.00,  an 1800's spinning wheel that went for $75.00, and a fossil of a fern for $25.00.

Some of the items being auctioned this month include Milk Glass"Grape and Panel" Pitcher and 6 glasses.

Spirit of the Past Antiques are open 6 days a week with evening hours and an owner will be on-site at all times. Their phone number is 309-346-1660, and their website is . You can email them at .

If your business would be interested in helping the Museum please call Christal Dagit at 347-8375 or by emailing her at .

                                                            Spirit of the Past Antiques

Monday, August 15, 2011


                                                             (Photo by Ed Emmons)
                              Bequeiath Cemetery sits off Wagonseller Road in Tazewell County

Hidden off the beaten path in Tazewell County is Bequeiath Cemetery, home to one of the Veterans of the war of 1812. The Cemetery is located off the Wagonseller blacktop about a mile behind the Marine Corps league surrounded by fields.

Buried in Bequeiath Cemetery is Captain Joseph Bequeiath who died in 1839, a Veteran of the war of 1812. He was of  Russell's Battalion,  Ohio Militia Drummer for Captain James Right mire's Company,
 and served from Sept. 6, 1814 to March 5, 1815.

                                 The headstone for Joseph Bequeiath, a Veteran of the war of 1812.

The headstone has been patched back together, broken into 3 different pieces, and reset in concrete. When Tazewell County Historic Places Society worked on restoration of Bequeiath Cemetery, they found the stone of Joseph Bequeiath. The Illinois War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission is searching for all War of 1812 Veterans who are buried in the State of Illinois.

The Tazewell County Board appointed Museum President Christal Dagit as the commissioner for the Civil War and the War of 1812. Christal says that most people do not realize that Illinois was pivotal during this time, especially here in Tazewell, Woodford, and Peoria counties.

Most people think they knew of the Star Spangled Banner being fired upon by the British. The War of 1812 culminated the Revolutionary War and defined us a Nation. After receiving her credentials from the County, Christal contacted the Illinois Historical Society to see what they had planned for the War of 1812, that was because she knew of all the Central Illinois history.

After that call, they decided to do a Historical symposium, one a year. They settled on doing it in East Peoria. They have been having regular bi-monthly meetings on the war of 1812. An official call for research papers by the Illinois State Historical Society. They have included the call for papers, advertising, and announcing the war of 1812 symposium in East Peoria for April of 2012.

Illinois War of 1812 Symposium - Call for Papers

The planning committee for the 2012 Illinois History Symposium has issued a call for papers on the theme "Contested Lands: 1763-1840," which focuses on the issues, policies, and people affected by the French and Indian Wars, the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the settlement of the Illinois Frontier. The 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 is of special interest to the symposium, especially as it played out along the Mississippi and Illinois river corridors.
Papers, panels, workshops, living history demonstrations, tours, and special events will be part of the anniversary commemoration, and professional scholars, academics, graduate students, and amateur historians are invited to submit a one-page proposal, along with a one-page vita, for consideration. The deadline for proposals is October 15, 2011.
The symposium will be held April 26-28, 2012, at the Embassy Suites hotel in East Peoria, Illinois, on the south bank of the Illinois River. The commemoration will also include a Native-American gathering of historical tribes that settled in or migrated through the Illinois Territory, a historic neighborhood tour of Peoria, an artifact identification workshop, and much more.

For more information about the 2012 Illinois History Symposium, call 217-525-2781. All proposals should be sent to:

2012 Illinois History Symposium
Illinois State Historical Society
P. O. Box 1800
Springfield, IL 62705-1800

The 2012 Illinois History Symposium is sponsored by the Illinois State Historical Society, the French Heritage Corridor Association, The Tazewell County Historic Places Society, the Peoria County Historical Society, and the Woodford County Historical Society.

Date :
From April 26, 2012 to April 28, 2012
Location :
2012 Illinois History Symposium
Illinois State Historical Society
P. O. Box 1800

Springfield, IL
Information :


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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


                                                                   (Photo by Ed Emmons)

We are pleased to announce that Steve Jones is Tazewell County Museum and Education Center Volunteer for the month of August. Steve has volunteered at the Museum for about 2 years. He helps out with session and valuation reports. The Museum is looking for volunteers to give 2 or more hours of their time either in the mornings or afternoon. If you are interested please contact President Christal Dagit by emailing her at or by calling her at 309-347-8375.