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                                                                           (Image by Robert Thom)

The Tazewell County Commission on the War of 1812/Civil War held a meeting last night at the Tazewell County Genealogical and History Society in Pekin. Christal Dagit, Regional Director of the Illinois War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission conducted the meeting.

The Commission discussed how they would go about finding all Veterans of the War of 1812, and where they were buried. So far no Veterans have been located in Pekin or E. Peoria. A total of 26 Veterans are believed to be from Tazewell County.

A three day symposium is being planned for April 26-28 at the Embassy Suites, East Peoria. The Tazewell County Museum will host a luncheon at the symposium and is selling lapel pins that will come with a postcard with the image that is shown( above ) for $5 to offset the cost. You may contact the Tazewell County Museum at 347-8375 to purchase the pins or email us at or

The following shows what the lapel pins look like and the second image is of the back of the postcard with information concerning the symposium.

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National Park Service Fort McHenry
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Did You Know? When news of the Declaration of War reached Baltimore, some ship owners began turning their vessels into privateers. These privately owned ships were given permission from the government to capture British merchant ships. Soon, Baltimore was described as “a nest of pirates,” and the British were determined to put an end to privateering. (Text courtesy NPS.)

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