Wednesday, November 23, 2011


                                                           ( Photo by Tazewell County Museum )
Pat Moser takes inventory at the Musuem recently. Here Pat inventories, a military uniform from Afghanistan donated by her Grandson, Justin Moser.

Pat Moser has been volunteering her time at the Tazewell County Museum for 3 years. She also volunteers at The Grace Methodist Church at which she is a member, and keeps a Historical scrapbook for  the Tazewell County Home Extension Office Unit 4. Her duties include but are not limited to taking inventory of all items in the Museum.

Left: Pat poses by Posters from NASA on climate change in the foyer of the Museum

Pat has been married for 53 years to her husband Robert. On their 50th Anniversary they took a trip to Kauai, Hawaii.

Pat has two sons and seven grandchildren. Her Grandson Justin Moser served in Farah Afghanistan for a year. He donated his uniform to the Museum, and is displayed in the Veterans Room.

 Her hobbies include scrap booking, reading, and playing golf.

If you would like to learn more about how you can volunteer at the Museum, please phone President Christal Dagit at 309-347-8375 or email us at .


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You always have interesting volunteers on here

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