Wednesday, January 25, 2012


                                                                  Photo by Ed Emmons
Barbara Tidaback poses by some items ( patches and posters ) she loaned to the Museum hanging in the Scott Altman Room

Barbara Tidaback has been volunteering at the Museum for 5 years. She is the Museum accessionist. Each artifact in the Museum must be given a number and a description by state law. This must be done by hand. She also is the NASA Educator for the Museum, developing programs for 1st and 2nd grade students, and is currently working on developing a program for 3rd graders. NASA programs start at the 5th grade level, so this is all ground breaking work.

Left: Barbara stands by a new item at the Museum, a Hinners pump organ donated by Gwen and Robert Wright of Morton, IL.

Barbara was born in Pekin, receiving her masters at ISU and Bachelors at Purdue University in Indiana. She taught art in Indiana and Springfield, and 5th grade in Pekin.  She was a teacher for 36 years.  Barbara has been married to her husband Frank for 34 years.

She enjoys crafts, needle work, reading, and spending time with her grand daughter Ginsey. Barbara has 1 daughter Laura Campbell, and 1 grand daughter Ginsey. She has traveled to England, Scotland, and Whales. Her grand daughter Ginsey is a docent at the Museum, which means she helps out, and has been since pre-school. Barbara tells me that she will run the NASA programs past Ginsey to see how they will work.

If you would like to become a volunteer at the Museum, please call 309-347-8375, or 309-346-1889, or you can email us at .


Anonymous said...

Love the change in the website! People should get behind the Museum and support it, so should the officials in this town.

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