Saturday, February 11, 2012


Pekin Author Susan Hatton holds one of her books "A Frontier Wife"

Pekin Author Susan Hatton published her first book in 1988, called "A Frontier Wife". Amazon describes her book as follows: Barely nineteen and newly married to Josh, Carrie leaves her safe city home to follow her husband's dream: to dream: to own land and create a farm in the untamed west. Join Carrie and Josh as they discover a harsh and beautiful land as they cope with endless chores and day-to-day survival, as they create a new, courageous way of life, as they befriend a young Abe Lincoln who would follow a great dream of his own.

Hatton also wrote another book called, "Eden Valley", which is described as a western historical fiction paperback,  and co-wrote a book with her father Walter Hatton, called "Back in those days 1902-1935". 

" A Frontier Wife " was first published in 1988. Susan told me that her father Walter was a big Lincoln buff. This book was used as reading material in the English Department at Edison Junior High School for over 10 years. It was also sold at New Salem State Park.

The Tazewell County Museum is currently selling "A Frontier Wife", in paper backs, which were donated by Susan Hatton to the Museum for fundraising purposes. Price is $6.00, and can be purchased by calling the Museum at 309-347-8375, 309-346-1889, or by emailing us at .

Besides being an Author, Susan has been the Secretary for the Pekin Women's Club for 25 years. She also taught school at St. Joseph and South Pekin Grade School, where she taught Language Arts.


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