Thursday, April 26, 2012


Randy Eggers blesses guest this morning at the blessing of the grounds, river and people, as the 2012 Illinois History Symposium (Contested Lands) got underway this morning at the Embassy Suites in E.Peoria

Story and Photos by Tazewell County Museum's Website Director Ed Emmons

It was a crisp, cool and sunny morning along the Illinois river in E. Peoria, just right for a blessing ceremony, as the 2012 Illinois History Symposium "Contested Lands" 1763-1840 was kicked off at the Embassy Suites. Randy Eggers did the blessing of the grounds, river, and people. He was helped out by Kim Davis, and Danny Lybarger, who is Pastor of the Native American fellowship Day Spring Church in E. Peoria.

                    A beautiful sunrise this morning along the Illinois River

Randy Eggers performs a Comanche Memorial Song this song along the Illinois River as part of the blessing. He told me it was a thank you song for the creator, thanking him for everything.

As part of the blessing there is a pipe ceremony, in which a pipe is passed from one person to another. Randy said that the smoke is never inhaled, but instead sucked into the mouth. If one wished instead of the smoke, one can touch the pipe to your left shoulder, then right shoulder, and forehead.

Those participating in the pipe ceremony were ask to form a circle, and Randy explained to them what it was about

Photos cannot be taken once the pipe is out.

A beautiful morning from the E.Peoria side of the river looking towards O'Brien field in Peoria

The last song Randy performed this morning means, Storm coming of Biblical proportion.

A flag ceremony was held inside the Embassy Suites after a breakfast. Here Bill Wilcox of Fort Creve Coeur, displays a French fluerde Lis Flag. There were 11 flags all together, and each morning different flags will be presented. This ceremony shows the flags during the contested lands time period of 1763-1840.

The first session of the conference started at 8:45 on Native-American Issues and Perspectives. The first speaker was Adam Danner who is an Author and President of 4 Directions Healing Foundation. Adams topic was Honoring in a good way: Introduction to Native People and Culture.

      Speaker Adam Danner explains the symbolism represented on his drum

The next speaker was Dave Weiman, who is executive Director, Cultural Change Coalition of Peoria. His topic was Restoring Native American Rights: Understanding the Doctrine of Discovery and its influence Today.

    Executive Director, Cultural Change Coalition of Peoria speaks during the Conference today

There were sessions scheduled all day today at the symposium on different topics. This year marks the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812, "Contested lands", 1763-1840

           This room contained Photos and History of the Kickapoo Indians

                                            This is the Vendor room

      In the vendors room you can find this Flags from the infancy of our Nation

                                                  Another Vendor Booth

The 2012 Illinois History Symposium is sponsored by the Illinois State Historical Society.


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