Monday, July 16, 2012


     Ginsey Campbell sits at her desk at the Tazewell County Museum Monday morning.

Story and Photos by Ed Emmons (TCM Website Director)

While most 9 year old kids are busy sleeping in late, playing video games on the TV, or just doing what 9 year olds would do during their summer vacation away from school, Ginsey Campbell of Pekin likes to volunteer her time at the Tazewell County Museum.

Every Monday morning during the summer, and as time permits when school is in session, 9 year old Ginsey does various task at the Museum. Today I found her greeting guest by the front door, but she also helps organize files, and is the Museum's (Guinea Pig) to test out educational programs the Museum develops for school age children.

Ginsey is the daughter of Rich and Lara Campbell of Pekin. She will attend 4th grade at Wilson Intermediate School this fall. Her Grandmother Barbara Tidaback also volunteers at the Museum, as well as her mother Lara Campbell. Barbara told me that Ginsey likes (old things). She especially likes the uniformed Doll collection at the Museum.
Left: Ginsey stands next to one of her favorite collections at the Museum, the Uniformed Dolls. The Dolls were donated by Dorothy Maple

Other activities Ginsey participates in are Kids Club at the Library, plays the violin in Suzuki Strings, Pom Pom Camp, volleyball at the Boys and Girls Club of Pekin, Dancing classes, tumbling classes, sleeping in her antique bed, and she loves to swim.

Right: Ginsey poses next to the Cabbage Patch Kids Astronaut, which was donated by Carol McCabe

Ginsey told me that she would like to see more children her age come to the Museum and look around. She said its not boring at all.

Left: Ginsey holds the Disneyland children's lunch box. The lunch box was donated by Barry Brenneman

Just to remind everyone, the Museum will be celebrating their 9th Birthday,Wednesday, July 18th, at Kouri's Pub in Pekin, from 5-9 p.m. During those hours 10% of all proceeds will go to benefit the Museum. Kouri's is located at 2929 Court Street in Pekin. Please come out and support your Museum!

               Ginsey holds up a new item to the Museum, a 1939 Eagle Scout Uniform worn by Virgil A Elliott. It was donated by Marcia and Kevin Elliott.

If you would like to volunteer like Ginsey, please call Christal Dagit at 309-347-8375 or 309-346-1889. You may also email us at or


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