Wednesday, October 10, 2012


                       New NASA Posters can be seen in the Museum Foyer

Story and Photos by (tcm Internet Director) Ed Emmons

The Tazewell County Museum and Educational Center in conjunction with NASA, is offering a new poster display located in the foyer of the Museum. The topic behind the posters is: Land, Air, Water, Ice, Voyage, or Discovery.

Grace stand for Gravity, Recovery, and Climate Experiment.

                                          NASA poster about water

There are around 9 posters in the display, due to technical difficulty, I cannot put them all here.

Message from NASA: Grace is giving us new insights into every part of the Earth. Land, Air, Ocean, and Ice with its unique measurements of changes in gravity. The insights have helped in understanding Earth's interior, climate, and water resources, with potentially far reaching benefits to science and society.

                                                     NASA Air poster

                                                    NASA book markers

NASA is also furnishing the Museum with different book markers to be handed out on tours of children to the Museum who come in to view the posters or the Museum.

                            Edwards Trace Display also in Foyer

Also being displayed right now is the Edwards Trace Display. The display was the winning entry of the 1812 Symposium project sponsored by State Senator Dave Koehler. Anna Sielaff of Lincoln, IL. had the winning display.

Other items being displayed in the Museum include a Military Air Patrol Hat worn by Leslie Pulfer, which was donated by Joe Weghorst.

                      Military Air Patrol Hat now on display in Museum

If you would like to arrange to bring in a group of children to the Museum to see the NASA posters or to view the History of Tazewell County, please call 346-1889, or 347-8375.



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