Wednesday, February 13, 2013


     Pekin Theater seats are on display and for sale at Spirits of  The Past Antiques in Pekin, located at 215 N. 5th Street.

Story and Photos by Ed Emmons (TCM Website Director)

President of the Tazewell County Museum Christal Dagit has announced that the Museum is putting around 80 or so Old Pekin Theater seats up for sale to the public, so that money can be put into the Museum's building fund for the future development of the Museum.

Christal was contacted by Bill Homel of the Artistic Community Theater when they closed down in the old Pekin Mall to donate the seats to the Museum, so that we could preserve some of them, with the understanding that if we did not have a use for all of them that at some point we could dispose of them if we no longer had a use for them.

     This sign sits on the sits at Spirit of the Past Antiques located at 215 N. 5th in Pekin.

The Museum has has them in storage for over 8 years and we decided that in the best interest of the museum, we would maintain and hold some of them as historical artifacts. We have 2 sets of seats to show in the future, from the old Theater that was built in 1925 in the oriental style. We continue to enjoy the figurine (statue) and other artifacts of our old theater.

It was decided to sell the remaining seats as a historic reminder of Pekin's past to our citizens so that others could enjoy them rather than keep them in storage. The sale of these seats will enable the museum to place the proceeds in the Tazewell County Museum Building Fund for our future development. Debi Brun, of Spirit of the Past Antiques has offered to help us with the sales and donations. Our thanks to her and her continued support of the Tazewell County Museum. The seats will be sold for $75 a piece.

                  This the design on the end rows of the seats. Only 5 or 6 of these are available.

                                                  Spirits of the Past Antiques