Wednesday, April 16, 2014


            Former Commander and Astronaut Scott Altman stands near the bronze bust at Scott Altman Elementary School Friday afternoon. Altman was in town to unveil the bust at the school

Story by (TCM)
Photos by Ed Emmons

Former Commander and Astronaut Scott Altman came back to Pekin Friday afternoon to help unveil the bronze bust of him at the school named in honor of him, the Scott Altman Elementary School. The school was formerly known as the Sunset Hills School.

The bust had been moved in March from the Tazewell County Museum to the school on a 3 year loan program, so students could get a first hand view of who the school is named after.

Altman spoke to the approximately 200 students and staff Friday afternoon in the gymnasium. He spoke around 15 minutes and then took questions from the K-3 students. Afterwards, students filed by the bust of Altman in the foyer of the school to greet him and get photos taken with him. Also on hand for the unveiling were the sculptor of the bust Morgan Elser, Museum Director Christal Dagit, District 108 officials, Tazewell County Board Member John Ackerman, Altman's parents and wife, and others who had a hand in making the bust a reality.

                                                  Students welcome Altman to their school

Left: Scott Altman talks with students in the gymnasium Friday afternoon. Here the students are asking questions.

Right: Museum Director Christal Dagit speaks to students about how the bust came to be, including the fund raising behind the scenes. She introduced sculptor Morgan Elser, and Alice Cakora who did the fundraising for the bust.

Right: Scott Altman greets students near the bronze bust after the program Friday afternoon.

Left: Altman speaks to students

The bronze bust of Altman has been at the Tazewell County Museum since being finished.

                                                             Altman poses with District 108 officials

                                                                Altman poses with Sculptor Morgan Elser

                                   Altman poses with Scott Altman Elementary Principal Josh Norman

                                                            Altman poses with his family


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