Monday, June 9, 2014


Story and Photo by (Museum Staff)

The Tazewell County Museum has signed a 3 year lease with Tazewell County to lease part of the Arcade building across from the Courthouse.

The Arcade building will house ONLY the special collections department from the Museum. The Museum proper, or main part will still be located at Sunset Hills Shopping Center.

                   The Arcade building located downtown on Capital Street across from Courthouse

For years now the Museum has had a limited space to work with due to its location. This will free up some badly needed space. The Museum houses items from all over Tazewell County including the Astronaut Scott Altman room, NASA items, numerous items from the Senator Everett Dirksen Collection, The Military Room, as well as many other interesting items of importance.

                                                                    OTHER MUSEUM NEWS

In conjunction with the Mack-Ca-Fest Farm Days Celebration in Mackinaw on Saturday June 2, following the Parade at 1 p.m., the Mackinaw Area Historical Society and the Tazewell County Museum will be showing and describing days gone past farm items. Their calling it Good Ole Days Items. Spokesman Bruce Walcott will be describing the items, which will be located at Uptown Park in Mackinaw. These are rarely seen items from days past.

       This photo sent to me by Karen Parmele who is the President of the Mackinaw Area Historical Society is called a "Harrow", which Karen tells me was used to do farm work. It is over 100 years old, and was donated by Gus Miller.



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