Sunday, September 28, 2014


                        Volunteers from P & M Construction look over a map cabinet before loading it

Story and Photos by Museum Staff

The Tazewell County Museum finished their move of their "Special Collections" items to the new space at the Arcade Building today. Due to a lack of space at the Museum's Sunset Plaza location, the Museum opted to move some of its items to the Arcade Building.

Left: Volunteers from P & M Construction move a cabinet Sunday from that location to the Arcade Building.

Volunteers from P & M Construction owned by Marion Townsend started moving "Special Collections" items today at 9 a.m.

The volunteers were: Chris Hiatt, Shawn Dison, Scott Floyd, Marian Townsend, and Michael Bailey.

Museum volunteers were: June Lawson, Carol McCabe, and Christal Dagit.

Volunteers from the Museum also moved smaller items September 23, while today was reserved for larger items such as heavy desk and cabinets.

Right: Taking a break from moving day are left to right: Carol McCabe, P & M owner Marion Townsend, and June Lawson.

The Museum would like to thank everyone who gave of their time and equipment for the move to the Arcade Building.

Left: Volunteers move a heavy desk out to the trailer owned by P & M Construction which most of the heavier objects were moved today.

Left: Museum volunteers move filing cabinets from the September 13 move.

Right: Volunteers move boxes into one of new rooms at the Arcade Building September 13.



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