Monday, September 15, 2014


         Tazewell County Museum moving volunteers unload items Saturday at the Arcade Building

Story and Photos by TCM Staff

Saturday morning volunteers starting moving the "Special Collections Items" to the Arcade Building in downtown Pekin.

Left: Volunteer Kenny Crawford moves boxes onto a dolly to begin moving the Museum's "Special Collections Items" to their new location

The Museum is currently located in the Sunset Plaza in Pekin but does not have enough room for all their items. Tazewell County has agreed to lease several rooms at the Arcade Building to the Museum.

The new location will house Veterans items, Civil War, Railroad and Model Railroad items, Photos, some NASA Documents, and Family information of Tazewell County.

This was only phase 1 of the move, the next moving day is scheduled to take place September 28th. No opening day for the new location has been determined yet.

Right: Volunteers load filing cabinets onto a trailer Saturday as the move begins.

Those volunteering their time and resources were Kenny Crawford, Carol McCabe, Joel Fitzanko, Rol White, Tom Woodmancy, Christal Dagit, and Ed Emmons.

If you would like to volunteer your time to move larger items September 28th, please contact President Christal Dagit at 309-840-0177.



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