Tuesday, October 28, 2014


      Cub Scout Pack 81 members sit around a Museum table and speak of  their recent project of collecting something and telling others about it. Afterwards the Scouts toured the Tazewell County Museum learning about past history and history in the making.

Story and Photos by Ed Emmons (TCM Website Director)

On Monday night Cub Scout Pack 81 visited the Tazewell County Museum showing off their project of collecting and speaking about it, then toured the Museum and learned about past history and history in the making.

According to Scout Master Mark Gingrich, the scouts do these kind of projects to earn belt loop awards and pins. The Cub Scout belt loop and pin program encourages a boy to do his best while learning skill and promoting good sportsmanship.

Wolf Rank is for boys who have finished first grade, (or who are 8 years old). To earn the Wolf Badge, a boy must pass 12 achievements.

Left: Cub Scout Ethan Gingrich shows his train collection Monday night at the Museum.

Most boy are 7 or 8 years of age and 2nd graders.

Pack 81 is based out of the Bethel Lutheran Church.

Right: Scout Lucas Drake shows his Pokeman collection.

Right: Museum Director Christal Dagit (right), and Museum finance officer Karen Blome show the scouts a bayonet during the Museum tour Monday night while in the Military part of the Museum.

Left: Scouts look at Military uniforms worn by local men and women while in the Military room.

Cub Scout 81 members attending the Museum tour were, Ethan Gingrich, Lucas Drake, Paul Johnson, Tucker Berlein, Gavin Thompson, Grant Franklin, and Christian Johnson.

Left: Christal and Karen show the Scouts a replica of a Mastadon Tusk.

Right: In the NASA or Scott Altman Room.



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