Sunday, October 19, 2014


                       Tazewell County Museum Volunteer Karan Parmele and her husband Jerry start putting up the railroad signs Friday in the reception area at the Museum's Arcade Building location.

Story and Photo by TCM Ed Emmons

Things are off and moving with the Tazewell County Museum's Special Collections items located in the Arcade Building downtown Pekin. Friday morning the railroad signs and items starting going up with the help of  the Museum's Karan Parmele and her husband Jerry.

For the time being and for the lack of space at the main Sunset Plaza Museum location, the Special Collections items are located in the Arcade Building in downtown Pekin, across from the Court House. Many items are also being away from the boxes that were moved from the Sunset Hills Shopping Center location and filing cabinets are being loaded back up with items and railroad maps.

Karan is also the President of the Mackinaw Area Historical Society. The Museum is still looking for anyone who has a couple of hours per week to volunteer. If you are interested, please call 346-1889.


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