Sunday, December 7, 2014


      Children make paper rings at the "Special Collections" part of the Museum Friday night as part of "Christmas on Court". Helping the kids are Museum personnel Karen Blome and Barbara Tidaback

By Museum Website Director Ed Emmons

Friday night was a special night for the Tazewell County Museum's "Special Collections" building in down town Pekin as part of "Christmas on Court" annual event. After moving into the Arcade Building this was the first such event at the Museum.

Left: Ralph and Wendell the Elves, better known as Cody Salem and Caty Cornwell of The Artistic Community Theater greeted guest at the Museum Friday night.

As Parents and children filtered into the Museum, the children were ask if they wanted to make paper rings in the classroom area. They were helped out by Museum staff, Barbara Tidaback and Karen Blome.

Since the Museum was always located in the Sunset Hills Plaza, it has never participated in "Christmas on Court" in its own building. It has a couple times set up displays in the Courthouse. It is still there, but because of space, the Museum has moved its "Special Collections" and classroom to the Arcade Building down town across from the Court House, although the main Museum is still located at the Sunset Hills location.

Right: A child makes the colorful paper rings Friday night in the classroom of the Museum.

Left: Two of Santa's Reindeer, Prancer and Vixen make an appearance at the Museum Friday night. They are better known as Scott Jackson and Brittany Duley of the Artistic Community Theater.

Left: Some members of the Artist Community Theater sing Carols inside the Museum Friday night.

Right: 9 year old Mark Czesak looks at some of the Everett Dirksen collection at the Museum Friday night.

Starting next year the Museum will be offering classes such as cursive writing to the public at its down town location.

left: Jacey Knox poses with Prancer and Vixen

Right: Jordyn Knox poses with Prancer and Vixen Friday night at the Museum.

The Museum will hold its Grand opening in January of 2015.

Thank you to everyone who came out and joined in on the festivities.

                                                Jansen Knox poses with Vixen and Prancer




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