Thursday, August 18, 2016


Photos and Story by Ed Emmons (TCM)

     Friends evening coffee group, that is to say a group of friends who occasionally get together for coffee and conversation at McDonalds on lower Court Street in Pekin sit around for coffee and refreshments at the Tazewell County Museum Wednesday evening.

Joyce McCloud, a Board Member of the Museum's invited the group to stop by and explore what the Museum has to offer. The Museum is now located inside the historic Arcade building at #15 S. Capital St. in down town Pekin. The Museum is open on Monday and Wednesday's from 10-2 pm. Special tours like this one can be arranged by calling President of the Museum Christal Dagit at 309-840-0177.

Left: As members friends evening coffee group stand around a 1850-1860 hand crafted bridal vail, President Christal Dagit (left) explains the history about the vail.

The vail was donated by Delavan artist Morgan Elsa.

Right: Looking at war items.

Right: Members of the coffee group look at items in the Astronaut Scott Altman Room.

Left: Looking at Military Uniforms in the Museum.

                                                                        MUSEUM ANNIVERSARY

The Tazewell County Museum will be holding its 13th Anniversary on Wednesday, August 24th, from 4 pm to 9 pm, at KOURI'S RESTAURANT, located at 2929 Court St. in Pekin, IL. Come out to Kouri's and help us celebrate 13 years of serving Tazewell County's history and honoring her citizens.

Kouri's will donate 10% of their proceeds to the Tazewell County Museum and Educational Center. Kouri's has generously offered this oppurtunity to the Museum to benefit thier 2016 Fundraising Drive, in support of their educational and cultural programs. Thank you and hope to see you on August 24th!


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