Saturday, December 2, 2017


Left: Museum elves, Ginsey and Lara greet families as they enter the Tazewell County Museum Friday night for Christmas on Court.

The Tazewell County Museum hosted families Friday night whether they just wanted to browse around the Museum or children wanted to decorate their own ornaments or ugly sweaters. Museum elves Ginsey and Lara also greeted the guest and offering hot chocolate or coffee.

Right: This little girl enjoys herself decorating a ugly sweater at the Museum.

Left: Museum volunteer Barbara  helps with decorating ornaments.

Left: These children enjoy the Scott Altman exhibit at the Museum Friday night. The Museum is open Monday and Wednesday from 10-2. Maybe be open at other times for special request.

The Museum is located in downtown Pekin at 15 S. Capitol St, inside the Arcade building.

Inside the Museum you can find antique furniture, Everette Dirksen memorabilia, NASA and Astronaut Scott Altman collections, Military uniforms from different wars, Statue from the old Pekin Theater downtown, as well as so many other collections. The Museum is a not for profit organization.

Right: This child works on her glass ornament Friday night at the Museum.

Above: These boys check out a hand made quilt of the solar system.

Left: This family poses in front of a space shuttle nose cone Friday night.

Above: Museum Director Christal Dagit talks with guest about the Military Uniforms Friday night.


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