Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Left: The Tazewell County Sheriff's Honor Guard gives a 21 gun salute in honor of Illinois becoming the 21st State.

Story and Photos by TCM Ed Emmons

Monday at the Tazewell County Courthouse, a ceremony took place marking the beginning of the year long activities all around the state of Illinois Bicentennial, which will take place December 3, 2018.

Right: The Honorable Judge Michael Risinger was master of ceremonies for the event.

Left: Invocation was given by the Revern Judith Guy of the Mackinaw Christian Church.

Left: The Honorable Judge Michael Risinger led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Right: Broadmoor students Zoe Lamb, and Bailey Campbell sang the National Anthem.

Right: Among the first American settlers who came to Tazewell County in the early 1820's were descendants of Scotish descent. In honor of these very early settlers bagpipe player Joe Britts plays a tribute.

Left: Giving a talk about the Bicentennial is Christal Dagit. The Tazewell County board appointed her for the Illinois Bicentennial. Christal is also Director of the Tazewell County Museum.

Left: Carroll Imig, a Tazewell County Board Member reads the Proclamation for Illinois Bicentennial.

Right: The Illinois Bicentennial Flag Raising by Steve Saal and Paul Kirby.

left: The Illinois Bicentennial Flag waves proudly at the Tazewell County Courthouse.

         The Tazewell Area Ceremonial Team or TACT also was also at the Bicentennial event Monday.

Here is some Bicentennial Information for you to read. For more information please go to


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